Name Telephone (extension) Email
Kenji Mizuguchi +81 72 641 9890 kenji (@)
Yayoi Natsume +81 72 641 9848 natsume (@)
Mari Itoh +81 72 639 7010(2211) mari (@)
Suyong Re +81 72 639 7010(3111) suyongre (@)
Lokesh P. Tripathi +81 72 639 7010(2242) lokesh (@)
Yi-An Chen +81 72 639 7010(2242) chenyian (@)
Attayeb Mohsen +81 72 639 7010(2240) attayeb (@)
Hitoshi Kawashima +81 72 639 7010(2245) hkawashi (@)
Reiko Watanabe +81 72 639 7010(2247) reiko-watanabe(@)
Jonguk Park +81 72 639 7010(3110) jonguk (@)
Rodolfo Sebastian Allendes Osorio +81 72 639 7010(2241) rallendes(@)
Yosui Nojima +81 72 639 7010(2240) yosui(@)
Takeshi Fujiwara +81 72 639 7010(2241) takeshi.fujiwara(@)
Chihiro Higuchi +81 72 639 7010(3110) higuchi(@)
Akiko Fukagawa +81 72 639 7010(2247) a-fukagawa(@)
Hideyo Kamada +81 72 639 7010(2243) hideyo(@)
Masataka Kuroda +81 72 639 7010 (2244) m-kuroda (@)
Hisafumi Chikamori chikamori (@)
Masami Takine +81 72 639 7010 masami (@)
Mitsuyo Tojo +81 72 639 7010(2201) m.tojo (@)
Mihoko Iwagaki +81 72 639 7010(2201) mihoko (@)
Kosuke Hashimoto (4743) kosuke.hashimoto (@)
Chioko Nagao (4743) c_nagao (@)
Nao Yonemitsu (4743) n_yonemitsu (@)
Takashi Osada (9286) takasi (@)
Kyohei Koyama

Kenji Mizuguchi

Group Leader, National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition Guest professor, Graduate School of Frontier BioSchiences, Osaka University Guest professor, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University

Yayoi Natsume

Sub-Project Leader

Laboratory of In silico Drug Design (Concurrent)

(Research Interests) 1. Understanding molecular networks by integration of omics-data 2. Development of methodology to understand molecular actions (e.g. epigenetic regulation) as a system

Mari Itoh

Research Scientist

(Research Interests) 1. The Exploratory research of biomarkers in immune-disorders, especially exosomes 2. The stress response in the cells, especially in aging process 3. Systems biology, network biology, integration of –omics data for whole body systems

Suyong Re

resuyong_1Sub-Project Leader, Laboratory of In silico Drug Design

Project Research Scientist

(Research Interests)

Structural dynamics and function relationship of biomolecules Integrated molecular simulation and informatics approaches for drug discovery

Yi-An Chen

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Research Interests) 1. Biological data integration, databases 2. Data processing 3. Data visualization 4. Pipeline analysis 5. System biology

Lokesh P.Tripathi

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Research Interests) 1. Network-based functional annotation for target discovery. 2. Biological data integration for enhanced function annotation of genes and genomes. 3. Evolution of protein repertoire and function.

Attayeb Mohsen

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Research Interests) Previous research: Neuropharmacology of histamine in anxiety and sleep deprivation. Future plans: Understanding the concepts of Bioinformatics and using the available bioinformatics resources in combination with medical background to contribute in the field of interdisciplinary research.

Hobbies: Reading Favorite proverb: To learn something, you need to try it, and you have to sacrifice for it

Hitoshi Kawashima

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Research Interests) I worked at a pharmaceutical company for 30 years and joined to this team.

My research interest: To identify the disease responsible genes from many candidate genes for common disease derived from genome sequencing. I want to find out drug targets by analyzing the network of the disease responsible genes. My hobby: Go (Igo)

Reiko Watanabe

project research scientist

(Research Interests) My current objectives are to learn basic of bioinformatics and to proceed the current project properly.

Jonguk Park

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Research Interests) I came from Korea to Japan 6 years ago, and my research topic in doctoral course was about assessment of bacterial effect on bioaerosol of downwind area following Aeolian dust events. My current research topic is understanding interaction between gut microbial flora and various data from human. And I`m also learning basic of bioinformatics.

Rodolfo Sebastian Allendes Osorio

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Research Interests) I am interested in the development of novel visualization methods and tools, and their use within a biological context. Also, I am focused on learn more about machine and deep learning.

Takeshi Fujiwara

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Research Interests) Big data analysis for Chemical and Biological Information Drug Target Discovery

Chihiro Higuchi

Research assistant

(Research Interests)

Akiko Fukagawa

Research assistant

(Research Interests)Hideyo Kamada

Hideyo Kamada

Research assistant

(Research Interests)

I am a little bit? stranger but I will do my best for orphan disease medicine!!

Masataka Kuroda

Visiting Scientist

Affiliation:Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma.

(Research Interests)

Hisafumi Chikamori

Research assistant

(Research Interests)

Previous research: Neuropathology (glioblastoma), neuronal cell biology (expression of Peg10). Future plans: What is bioinformatics? I have been grasping it ambiguously. But I heard there are many “-informatics”-including journal name. So currently I am interested in “neuroinformatics” and so on, which was my major. And I want to widen my perspectives through these journals. Hobbies: Language Favorite expression: See the Good In Others.

Masami Takine

Administrative Assistant

I am through a Catholic college whose motto is The International Lady.

Now processing…!?

Mistuyo Tojo


Administrative Assistant

My motto is “Eat well, Sleep well, Live well.”

Mihoko Iwagaki


Administrative Assistant

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

Kosuke Hashimoto


Associate Professor

(Research Interests) Bioinformatics, Genomics, Immunology, Developmental Biology

Chioko Nagao


Affiliation: Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University

(Research Interests)

  1. Specificity and non-specificity in protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions
  2. Evolution of protein function and structure

Visiting Scientist

(Research Interests) 1. Specificity and non-specificity in protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions 2.Evolution of protein function and structure

Takashi Osada

(Research Interests)

Nao Yonemitsu (Osaka university)

Administrative Assistant

My motto is “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”

Kyohei Koyama

koyamaGraduate School I am interested in machine learning applications to protein structures, molecules, and interactions between them.

Visiting Scientists and Collaborative Research Scientists

Shandar Ahmad

Visiting Scientist

(Research Interests) I am interested in developing statistical, machine learning and physics based algorithms to predict biomolecular interactions from sequence. This includes protein-DNA, protein-RNA, protein-protein and other ligand interactions. My current interest is in genome-wide interactions and integrated approaches. I am also interested in deciphereing regulatory dynamics of immune system at a molecular level and trying to discover and decipher unknown regulatory events in macrophages.

Yuko Tsuchiya

Visiting Scientist

(Research Interests) understanding of protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid interactions

Mizuki Morita

Collaborative Research Scientist

(Research Interests) 1. Molecular recognition by proteins 2. Understanding, prediction and design of protein structures and functions 3. Structure, dynamics and function of membrane proteins 4. Rare diseases and orphan drugs

Jiye Shi

Visiting Scientist

Affiliation:UCB Pharma Mail:Jiye.Shi(@)

Luiz Miguel Quinn Camargo

Visiting Scientist

Affiliation:UCB Pharma


Rikiya Ohashi

Visiting Scientist

Affiliation:Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma.

(Research Interests) 1. Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics especially drug transporter study 2. Prediction of ADME and TOX profile by physicochemical properties

Yasushi Okuno


Visiting Scientist

Affiliation: Kyoto University

Tsuyoshi Esaki

Visiting Scientist

(Research Interests) I had studied in the field of analytical chemistry for 4 years and joined this laboratory. My current research interests are following three topics. 1) Learning basic of bioinformatics 2) Doing simulation for compensating analytical results 3) System biology

Former Members

  • Chioko Nagao
  • Arina Afanaseva
  • Miki Yamada
  • Yoriko Suenari
  • Nao Yonemitsu
  • 村上 洋一
  • フィリップ プラティパティ
  • サミア ハシーブ カーン
  • 伊藤 純一
  • 伊藤 真和吏
  • シャルロット リュー
  • ブライアン ヒメネス
  • 山崎 千里
  • ヨーハン ニーストロム
  • ブノア デザイ
  • 村上 聖佳
  • スカンタ モンダル
  • ムナザ アンドラビ
  • キリシナ モハン
  • 林 柏梁
  • 紀 豊民
  • Yogesh Paudel
  • Hemjit Singh
  • Holly Zhen
  • Tianrui Zhu